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Step By Step To How to Play Ragnarok Sk

The Step 1: Download Client Id Ro / Kro (Especially If Not Have)

The Step 2: Download Patch Sk Ro if you want this easy Click here Or Many Other Options Please Liat in

Go to Step-3: Patch Extrack Above Winrar Go With You Ragnarok Client Folder

Go to Step-4: do Register Here

Go to Step-5: Open Patchernya By Name Sora Kingdom patcher.exe (The shape of the program / executable)

Go to Step-6: Wait Until Patch Done and rebuild is finished, then click start

Go to Step-7: Login And Good Playing


Atlantica Indonesia is the latest game from Gemscool. Want to know more about this game? qirax will give a synopsis, how to install and cheat Atlantica Indonesia. cekidot!Atlantica Online Game Synopsis
Population Atlantis became very prosperous after they created the substance called Oriharukon. The desire to learn the secrets of this mysterious material, many other civilizations implored the citizens of Atlantis to share their knowledge, but they refused, closing their doors to people who are still asing.Orang force, brutally destroyed by the inhabitants of Atlantis. In the end, the people of Atlantis out of all four crystal supplies, raw materials for Oriharukon. Their thirst for the crystals are brought destruction to four greatest civilizations (the Yellow River, Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, and Egypt), and make their plans to take over the world to find a crystal that lain.Tetapi arrogance and greed of the people of Atlantis just take them to the death . When they lose control of supernatural forces which are created from Oriharukon, Atlantis disappeared in a flash. However, the rest of Oriharukon still there.

To continue the dangerous journey that was destined for you as a descendant of Atlantis. To find the land of your fathers, who disappear from the earth long ago. To fulfill your destiny: Save the human race from destroying Oriharukon effect, the source of the destructive power of Atlantis.You will begin a great journey that will take you to places that mysterious and dangerous in the world, throughout the history of time and human life. You will enter the contests against the countless creatures legend and strange creatures, which mutated and deadly because of the effects of Oriharukon. In addition, you must help the mercenaries you meet along the way, fight the enemy together. You will collect the clues left from the old civilization, which will take you to the land of the lost Atlantis, and the secrets contained therein.
How to Play and Download Atlantica
1. To play this game, you first must Sign Atlantica Atlantica website, or click on the list here.2. Download Client & Patches Atlantica.Go to this link to # patch3. Login! Happy Playing!


Playing goal is to become Yulgang Ruler of The Land, by raising the level as high as possible. First of all, are you going to do is log into game and started to play.
There are several kinds of characters you can choose when to play. Namely:- Sword- Blade- Spear- Mystic- Archer
All of them have the uniqueness of each, of course strengths and weaknesses of each. We will discuss these one by one character so that it all becomes clear.
SwordSword has a character with HP small and medium defense, but has the accuracy and Attack are very high. It's suitable for players Hit-and-run that is similar to Archer. Kick Jutsu that can be learned is "Flower bouncing on Water" which can be learned setsetelah level 10.
BladeBlade has high HP and defense, but the attack produced low and Attack accuracy is also low. This is suitable for players who insist to beat your opponent. Kick is sabetan you are the wind at level 10.
Sometimes, players are confused about what to do in the game. Easy enough. First of all, equip your weapon first. How, press the Ctrl key + E, then you right click on the weapon and began playing.


How to Play Chess. Recently addicted to play chess vienka again, although actually can not play chess: D actually how does how to play chess? I think bener bener must first understand and recognize the characters of his first chess well? : D
Yesterday in the invite to play chess via ym same Some one cheek flushed but how can one not want to say yes aq klo mang can not play chess, uh actually he wanted taught how to play chess (cool cool: D).
The First Well in ajarin are familiar with each character chess itself: D like a pawn, castle, horse, ministers, queens, and kings
After a bit of understanding and recognizing each character chess, I have to memorize the rules of chess chess is running: D I'll not forget catet in blog aja ah: D
pawn: may move two steps (only fit the first time), followed by one step forward, if there are opponents on the left-or right-pawn may eat, but see the conditions first, whether the harm to our fort.
fort: fort only to walk straight ahead, or laterally, he can not move oblique.
Horse: Horses can only move like the letter "L", and can step over his own pawn stronghold.
Minister: Minister can only move sideways or oblique 45 degrees.
Queen: Free to move anywhere.
King: Only able to move one step only. can to the left, up, down, right, oblique can all.
Hehe so much for dah first before ... still confused too ya rada play chess: D for one do not be bored yah Some vienka taught to play chess grin


All must be familiar with the name of Audition Online, better known by the name Audition AyoDance in Indonesia, online game Dance Competition MMO genre is more popular among young people both men and women of all ages.

How, you first enter the game audition and hold you enter id and password, after that you choose a place such as:


, Etc.

Newby you select what you wrote when I entered the hall games hold you select the room or if you want to build his own there are many kinds of such niyah beatup, Batlle up, etc..
also if you want to play you select a song but if still a beginner looking for a song that is still 75 bmp or are still slow if you want to start click start start deh.

Basically, there are 4 patterns of Key Note that is Top, Bottom, Left and Right. Key Note You can enter these into one row of 3 Key Note patterns like the look. And after you press the Key Note, do not forget to press the Spacebar when the ball reached the Beat a glowing.

1. Assorted Pattern Key Note
2. Bar with a moving Beat Ball

Key Note above patterns are square-long bar with some areas of luminous white. Beat the ball will move to the right in accordance with the speed of the BPM track is selected. The function of this Beat Ball is a guide that you better get a "feel" when pressing the Spacebar. "Perfect Hits" can be obtained when you press the Spacebar Beat The ball just in time to be in the middle of the illuminated area.

reference material: =..

How to Play Point blank online

Point blank is like a great magnet to every gamer, no wonder if the pemian online game point blank in Indonesia is one of the best players in the world for online gaming business, and also would not be surprised if most of the gamers bermian PB as one their favorite game, for those of you who have never played point blank and want to play well this time I will give some way point blank to play beginners

Login to Point Blank online

   1. On the login screen, enter the userid and password that you have registered in If not yet on the list, register your ID Gemscool your game
   2. On the server selection screen, please you choose a server that is empty to merge into it. Press twice on the server that is highlighted or click CONNECT at the bottom.
   3. If you are a new player in the Point Blank Online, then the system will ask you to define your character nickname, which appears before joining into the game lobby. Please fill your character nickname, and press OK. System will ask again if the nickname you specify one or already owned by other characters.
   4. If nickname is specified, then you've joined the Point Blank Online accordance nickname you specify just now. Congratulations play


Dota Allstars Latest Map Download

Latest AI Map Dota 6.67 AI v2c been released, please download from the link below. For his friends who hobby maen Dota Computer opponent, AI Map this latest release would be a breath of fresh air in itself, considering the number of discovered bugs in previous versions of AI Map. Here's a list Changelog Dota 6.67 AI Map v2c.

Dota 6.67 AI v2c Download link